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Up PST Split

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This size up PST split software takes you to a wonder tour from where your return with speedier Outlook that performs much faster than before. Letís understand this clearly! A major drawback that comes with the use of Outlook for a long time is with the huge sized PST files, which reduce Outlook speed. PCVITA Split Magic software helps to up split PST file into multiple smaller parts and here the magic comes. PST file reduces and speed of Outlook increases.

  • Speedily Split up PST File: Selection of Split Magic is a sure smart selection & you will feel after using the tool for your size up PST split need.
  • How to Split up PST File Efficiently? PCVITA Split Magic software not just provides high speed but also provides great efficiency in performing the size up PST split process.

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No cost is to be paid for trying the tool using its demo. See the size up PST split process with the help of this free demo of our product, which is absolutely FREE! This is downloadable version of PCVITA Split Magic software. You can split up 50 emails per Outlook data file using this freeware version of our product. Go on to invest in the tool after you test it.

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Features that Speak Largely of Our Productís Worth

  • Speedily split up PST of Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007
  • Efficiently split up PST file by date, by year, and by size
  • Split up Outlook archive file, Outlook distribution list etc
  • Retention of Metadata (to, from, cc, bcc, etc)
  • Split up PST folders like contacts, calendars, journals, and all emails folders like Inbox, Outbox, Drafts etc